Customer & Service

The main point of our OVO-purification plants is to purify the
household water in a single family using three-water technics
if needed (raw-water, household water and drinking water)

Professor of Water and Wastewater Engineer Matti Viitasaari
from Tampere University of Technology has laid three requirements
that OVO-filters has to fulfill.

1. Naturality - meaning functioning without chemicals

2. Reasonable operating costs

3. Easy to maintain and long functioning life.

In Finland our company has a leading position in purifying well-water
from iron in a natural way.
When cleaning municipal household water and special cartridge
filters put the finishing touch to high-quality drinking water.
OVO-systems have been made of stainless steel and chromium-
plated pipelines. Filtering materials are depending on the problem
in water, for example active carbon, antrasite, quartzy sand etc.
The amount of used water depends on the extent of quality problems.
Depending on the plant model the use of water can be 200-500 l per
hour with through-stream filter and 1.000-2000 l per 24 hours with
continuous circulation water filter.
When you want better water in your house or apartment, don`t
hesitate to contact us or our agent.
If you send us the analyse of your water and tell us the volyme of your
use of water, we can offer you a natural and economical small scale
purification system of OVO-Finland

Best regards, Customer & Service , Ownwater - Filters Ltd.